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The OAH Magazine of History has been published since 1985. Each quarterly issue focuses on a theme in U.S. history. Articles draw upon recent scholarship, survey the historiography, and provide practical teaching strategies. Its goal is to enhance the teaching and presentation of U.S. history in the classroom.

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Pre-contact America

Writing and teaching American history before the arrival of Europeans used to be easier. Not long ago this was a history with clearly identifiable protagonists and a compelling story arc bracketed by an unambiguous beginning and ending. It exuded high drama, revolving around the great themes of discovery and survival, and it was preoccupied with timing. Its sources were relatively limited—bones, tools, language—and its practitioners were a self-contained group of archaeologists and anthropologists, whose findings coalesced in the 1960s into a model that seemed carved in stone. The model had simplicity, even a kind of elegance, which many took for proof.


Please note, the OAH Magazine of History will cease publication with its October 2013 issue (volume 27, number 4). The full archive of back issues are available to OAH members at Oxford University Press. The OAH Magazine also may be found online at JSTOR.