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The Crisis in Skills - A Different Perspective,

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The Importance of History and the Role of the Teacher,
by Gerda Lerner
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History in Classrooms,
by Stephen J. Thornton
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U.S. History Textbooks: The Next Hundred Years,
by Maria Garza-Lubeck
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neh announcements

NEH Places Renewed Emphasis on History,
by John Agresto
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from the other side of the desk: views from students

The Importance of American History,
by Janice Lamb
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An Optional Course; American History,
by Kimberly R. Kolos
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A Time for a Change,
by Cari Hoal
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Making History More Interesting,
by Gail Magenau
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A Call for a Secondary History Teachers Association,

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Photo on page 3 by Martha Nelson. Photos on Cover and pages 5, 7, 17, and 19 are courtesy of the Bloomington High School North Yearbook staff of 1986-87.