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Special Teaching Supplement


The Crisis in Skills--A Different Perspective,
by Terrie Epstein, Magazine Advisory Board


The Importance or History and the Role or the Teacher,
by Gerda Lerner

History in Classrooms,
by Stephen J. Thornton

U.S. History Textbooks: The Next Hundred Years,
by Maria Garza-Lubeck

neh announcements

NEH Places Renewed Emphasis on History,
by John Agresto

education report summary

Liberty and Learning in the Schools: Higher Education’s Concerns

from the other side of the desk: views from students

The Importance of American History,
by Janice Lamb

An Optional Course: American History,
by Kimberly R. Kolos

A Time for Change,
by Cari Hoal

Making History More Interesting,
by Gail Magenall

A Call for a Secondary History Teachers Association