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Constitution of the United States


Reclaiming Constitutional History,
by Mary K. Bonsteel Tachau
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An Angle of Vision: Black Women and the United States Constitution, 1787–1987,
by Darlene Clark Hine
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The U.S. Constitution in the Classroom: Some Problems and Solutions,
by Jean A. Luckowski and Albert J. Shannon
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1787 and 1776: Patrick Henry, James Madison, and the Revolutionary Legitimacy of the Constitution,
by Lance Banning
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Congress in Philadelphia,
Reprinted from History in the House (vol 3, no 1, January 1987), U.S. House of Representatives, Office for the Bicentennial
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Teaching about the U.S. Constitution Through Metaphor: Government as a Machine,
by Randy K. Mills
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How Five (Partly True) Myths Can Help Teachers Teach About the Constitution,
by David Nichols
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Women: From the American Revolution to the United States Constitution,
by Sharlene N. Watkins
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What Is a Constitution?,
Reprinted with permission from the National History Day Supplement, Lessons on the Constitution
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Locke and the Constitution,
by Lori F. Brandt
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ERIC Resources for Teaching about the Constitution,
by David M. Seiter
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