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immigration - a special edition

Historiography of American Immigration,
by David M. Reimers
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Refugees in History and in the History Classroom,
by Paula Gillett
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Immigrant Women in Tampa: The Italian Experience, 1890–1930,
by Gary R Mormino and George E. Pozzetta
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This article is reprinted with pennission of the University of Florida and originally appeared in the January 1983 Florida Historical Quarterly.

from the editor

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Reasoning on Both Sides of the Case,
by Walter C. Parker
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on teaching

Franklin K. Lane High School Oral History Project and History Magazine,
by Barty Brody and Alan J. Singer
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lesson plans

Studying Immigration: A Supplemental Readings Approach,
by Rosanne Marek and Richard Wires
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Immigration Patterns, Public Opinion, and Government Policy,
by Jean West Mueller and Wynell Burroughs Schamel
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A Backward Glance at the Immigrant Milieu: The Immigrant Novel as Method,
by George W. Chilcoat
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Using Popular Music to Teach Global Education,
by Jim Rogers
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Using Charts and Graphs to Teach Immigration History,
by George Burson
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Perceiving the Past Through Poetry,
by Sarah LaBrec Wyman
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Using Genealogy and Family History to Teach Immigration History,
by James F. Adomanis
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national history day

The University of Wyoming Textbook Investigation: From Controversy to Academic Freedom,
by Tina M. Clark
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educational resources

ERIC Resources for Teaching About Immigration,
by Laura Smiddie
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history headlines

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