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Bill of Rights

the bill of rights - a special edition

Trial Rights of the Accused,
by David J. Bodenhamer
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The Religion Clauses,
by Melvin I. Urofsky
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These articles will appear in the forthcoming volume of essays, By and For The People: Constitutional Rights in American History published by Harlan Davidson, Inc.

Teaching and Learning the Bill of Rights,
by John J. Patrick
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from the editor

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Group Learning in the Secondary Social Studies Classroom,
by William E. Pearson
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on teaching

Confronting the Content Ogre with Critical Thinking,
by Robert A. Cole
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lesson plans

Understanding Religious Freedom Through Courtroom Simulation,
by Gerald P. Long
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The Establishment Clause: Teaching First Amendment Rights Using Primary Sources,
by Carl Siler
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The Controversy Over School Prayer,
by Mary E. Anthrop
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national history day

National History Day 1991: Rights In History,
by Cathy Gorn
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educational resources

Indiana History Day Pointers:

This material is reprinted with permission of the Indiana Historical Bureau, State of Indiana

Teaching the Bill of Rights with ERIC Resources,
by Vickie J. Schlene
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history headlines

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