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Urban History

urban history - a special edition

Changing Directions in U.S. Urban History,
by Howard Gillette, Jr.
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The Stages of American Urbanization,
by David R. Goldfield
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Technology and the City,
by Josef W. Konvitz, Mark H. Rose, and Joel A. Tarr
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Urban Development in European and American Discourse in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries,
by Andrew Lees
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Historians and the Suburbs,
by Margaret Marsh
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from the editor

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Lowell and the Industrial City in Nineteenth-Century America,
by Edward Jay Pershey
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on teaching

Nontraditional Teaching: Social History in the Streets,
by Harriet Davis-Kram
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Walking Tours for Teaching Urban History in Boston and Other Cities,
by William Holton
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lesson plans

The Pride and Pain of Chinese Immigration: Folk Rhymes from San Francisco’s Chinatown,
by Terrie Epstein
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Serving the Urban Poor in Tum-of-the-Century Cleveland,
by Brian Ross
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Lesson Plans in Urban Economics,
by Albert Alexander
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DeWitt Clinton and the Rise of Urban New York,
by David W. Fuchs
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How to Read a City: A Geographic Perspective,
by Christopher L. Salter
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97 Orchard Street: The Biography of a Tenement,
by James Shenton
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