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The Columbian Quincentenary

The Columbian Quincentenary - A Special Section

Exploring the Columbian Quincentenary Through Historiography,
by John Hébert
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Science, Religion, and Columbus’s Enterprise of the Indies,
by Pauline Moffitt Watts
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Columbus’s Spain,
by José Manuel Nieto Soria
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The Columbian Quincentenary: A Necessary Reassessment,
by Kirkpatrick Sale
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The Hemispheric Roots of the Columbian Voyages,
by Lynda N. Shaffer
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The Early Black Diaspora in the Americas: The First Century After Columbus,
by Colin Palmer
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The Seeds of Change,
by Herman J. Viola
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The Columbian Voyages in Historical Perspective,
by Louis R. Harlan
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from the editor

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History’s Great Surprise: The American Indian,
by David Warren
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on teaching

Teaching the Columbian Quincentenary,
by Marjorie W. Bingham
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lesson plans

A Year Long Voyage of Investigation,
by Mary Ann Barnard
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An Examination of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition,
by James A. Percoco
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Before Oglethorpe: Hispanic and Indian Cultures in the Southeast United States,
by Carmen Chaves Tesser and Charles Hudson
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national history day supplement

National History Day Commemorates the Columbian Quincentenary,
by Lois Scharf and Cathy Gorn
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educational resources

Christopher Columbus: Bridge Between the Old and New World,
by Vickie J. Schlene
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history headlines

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From Paolo Giovio, Elogia vivorum bellica virtute illustrium, Basel, 1575, courtesy of the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University.