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History Education Reform


When Does a Nation Start Teaching Its History?,
by David Jenness
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Whose Religion? Intolerances Old and New,
by Judith Rényi
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Bringing History Alive in the Classroom: A Collaborative Project,
by Gary B. Nash and Linda Symcox
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“Opinionative Assurance:” The Challenge of Women’s History,
by Linda K. Kerber
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Equity in Educational Experiences and Outcomes: The Role of the Educational Researcher in the History Education Reform Movement,
by Terrie L. Epstein
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National Council on History Education,
by Paul Gagnon
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National History Education Network,
by James Gardner
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History Teaching Alliance,
by Anthony Beninati
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OAH Statement on Multicultural History Education,

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from the editor

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Creative Book Reports,
by Kathryn Sexton
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on teaching

Let’s Improve Multiple-Choice Tests,
by Ray W. Karras
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lesson plan

An Examination of the Causes Which Prevent the Usefulness of Our Schools,
by Ted Levy
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educational resources

History Education Reform: An ERIC/ChESS Sample,
by Vickie J. Schlene
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history headlines

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Using primary source materials to teach history in the classroom (circa 1900). Photo courtesy Documentary Photo Aids, Inc., P.O. Box 956, Mt. Dora, FL 32757.