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Drug Use in History

Drug Use in History - A Special Edition

A Brief History of American Drug Control,
by David F. Musto
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Alcohol in America,
by W. J. Rorabaugh
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The First American Cocaine Epidemic,
by David T. Courtwright
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Up in Smoke: How Cigarettes Came to Be a Controlled Substance,
by Allan M. Brandt
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Early Twentieth Century Responses to the Drug Problem,
by Dennis Joseph Pfennig
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Social Meanings of Disease: Changing Concepts of Addition in the Twentieth Century,
by Caroline J. Acker
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Hidden Agendas in the War on Drugs,
by Jonathan Marshall
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from the editor

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Developing Higher-Level Thinking Skills Through American History Writing Assignments,
by Kline Capps and David Vocke
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on teaching

Kids, Vets, and Videotape: Vietnam Through the Eye of a Camcorder,
by Cathy J. Lassiter
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lesson plans

“Dope” in the Early Twentieth Century Urban Press: A Case Study of Sioux City, Iowa,
by William L. Hewitt
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The Media and Controlled Substances and Anti-Drug Legislation,
by Sharon Laverdure
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First in His Class: The Many Contributions of Samuel Read Hall,
by Tedd Levy
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educational resources

Drug Use in History: An ERIC/ChESS Sample,
by Vickie J. Schlene
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William Hogarth’s 1750 print, “Gin Lane” illustrates the availability of gin in early eighteenth century England: “Drunk for a Penny, dead drunk for Two pence, clean straw for nothing.” Photo courtesy Lilly Library.