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History of Sport, Recreation, and Leisure

from the editor

The Sporting Past in American History, by Linda J. Borish
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A Lesson About “History’s Lessons”,
by Mark T. Banker
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on teaching

Getting Students in the Journal-Keeping Habit,
by Peter Hildebrandt
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The Historiography of American Sport,
by Stephen A. Riess
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The Labor-Leisure Relationship in Stuart England and its American Colonies,
by Nancy L. Struna
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The First American Championship Prizefight,
by Elliott J. Gorn
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The Negro Leagues,
by Jules Tygiel
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The “Texas Tomboy”: The Life and Legend of Babe Didrikson Zaharias,
by Susan E. Cayleff
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lesson plans

Win, Lose and Drawing Conclusions: Bellows, Boxing, and Progressivism,
by Peter A. Adams
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American Women and Sport,
by Jane Curry and Marjorie Bingham
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High School Athletics: Evolution and Cultural Implications,
by J. Thomas Jable
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Baseball and World War II: A Study of the Landis-Roosevelt Correspondence,
by James A. Percoco
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Baseball and American Cultural Values,
by Ronald Briley
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educational resources

Sport in History: An ERIC/ChESS Sample,
by Vickie J. Schlene
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