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History of U.S. Foreign Policy


The Historiography of American Foreign Policy,
by William B. Pickett
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America and Europe, 1775–1992,
by Vincent P. DeSantis
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U.S.-Latin American Relations,
by William Kamman
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History and the End of the Cold War: A Whole New Ball Game?,
by J. Garry Clifford
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from the editor

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History by the Numbers: Why Counting Matters,
by Peter A. Coclanis
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on teaching

Coping with Mr. Gradgrind: History vs. “The Epistemology of the Self”,
by Ray W. Karras
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lesson plans

U.S.-China Relations, 1900–1954,
by Kent Bowman
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Truman Era,
by Kathleen Xidis
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Gulf of Tonkin,
by Erich Martel
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educational resources

The History of U.S. Foreign Relations: An ERIC/ChESS Sample,
by Vickie J. Schlene
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