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Geography and History: Partners in Understanding the American Experience


Valley Forge and the Green Bay Packers: Putting Life and Motion into Geography and History,
by Gail S. Ludwig
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“How Wide the World”: Geography, Maps, and the Teaching of American History,
by Judy Reinhartz and Dennis Reinhartz
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A Teacher’s Bookshelf: The Historical Geography of the United States,
by Gerald A. Danzer
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national history day 1994 supplement

Geography and History,
by Cathy Gorn
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from the editor

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on teaching

A Fifty Year Perspective on History Teaching’s “Crisis”,
by Michael Henry
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student speak

“When Did They Make the World Like This?” Discovering New Worlds through an Ancient Map,
by Victoria Goben and her students, Hubble Middle School
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lesson plans

European Colonialism: Site and Situation,
by The ARGUS Project
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People and Places in the Past: Using Census Data as an Interpretative Teaching Tool,
by Rita G. Koman
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Road to Victory: Building the Ho Chi Minh Trail,
by Marianne Kenney
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classroom media

Geography in U.S. History in Review,
by Mark Newman
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educational resources

Teaching with Historic Places,
by Beth M. Boland and Fay Metcalf
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Activities and Readings in the Geography of the United States,
by Phil Gersmehl
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Geographic Inquiry into Global Issues,
by A. David Hill
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Geography and History: An ERIC/ChESS Sample,
by Vickie J. Schlene
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history headlines

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