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African-American History


African-American History: Origins, Development, and Current State of the Field,
by Joe W. Trotter
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The Afro-Cuban Community in Ybor City and Tampa, 1886–1910,
by Nancy Raquel Mirabal
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Defending the Home: Ossian Sweet and the Struggle Against Segregation in 1920s Detroit,
by Victoria W. Wolcott
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Constructing a Life and a Community: A Partial Story of Maggie Lena Walker,
by Elsa Barkley Brown
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Emancipation’s Impact on African-American Education in Norfolk, Virginia, 1862–1880,
by Michael Hucles
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Using the Position Paper to Teach Higher-Level Thinking Skills in American History,
by William I. Mitchell
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on teaching

A Jigsaw Strategy: Teaching Opposing Viewpoints on the Ratification of the United States Constitution,
by A. Vincent Ciardiello
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lesson plans

Legacy for Learning: Jennie Dean and the Manassas Industrial School,
by Rita G. Koman
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The Abolition of Slavery in the Western Hemisphere: Its Consequences for Africa,
by Edward Rossiter
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