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Environmental History

from the editor

Environmental History: An Art of People and Place, by Dan Flores
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Humans and the Environment in America’s Past,
by Mark W. T. Harvey
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Women’s Roles in Nature Study and Environmental Protection,
by Vera Norwood
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Seeing the People for the Trees: The Promise and Pitfalls of Indian Environmental History,
by Louis S. Warren
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lesson plans

by James Sherow
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The Silent Spring of Rachel Carson,
by Ned Kerstetter
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The Prairie Life: The Sea of Grass,
by Harriet Ratzlaff
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How People Have Used Soils, How Soils Have Affected U.S. History,
by Julia Polak
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national history day 1997 supplement

by Cathy Gorn
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on teaching

The Internet, E-mail, and the Environment,
by Stephen Kneeshaw
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Exploring History Through Primary Sources: A Teachers’ Institute,
by William B. Obrochta and Sylvia B. Evans
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Where Do We Stand on the A-Bomb?,
by Michael S. Henry
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student speak

Revolution: A Poem,
by Tess Bilhartz
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history headlines

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