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The Stuff of Women’s History: Artifacts, Landscapes, and Built Environments

Fall 1997
Volume 12, No. 1

from the editor

“Men Make no Mention of Her Heroism”: Natural and Cultural Resources and Women’s Past, by Vivien Ellen Rose


Supporting Working Women: YWCA Buildings in the National Register of Historic Places,
by Antoinette J. Lee

Beyond John Wayne: Using Historic Sites to Interpret Western Women’s History,
by Heather Huyck

Maria Israel and the Old Loma Point Lighthouse,
by Debbie Stetz

Native American Women: Living with Landscape,
by Rebecca Bales

Captured in Stone: Women in the Rock Art of Canyon de Chelly,
by Tara Travis

Interpreting African American Women’s History Through Historic Landscapes, Structures, and Commemorative Sites,
by Barbara A. Tagger

The Modjeska Monteith Simkins Home,
by Jill K. Hanson

Keeping Women in their Historic Places: Bringing Women’s Stories to the Classroom,
by Beth Boland

lesson plans

Splendid Possibilities: Isabella Bird Visits Hawai’i in 1874,
by Ruth Levin

Anna Kingsley: A Free Woman,
by Kathy Tilford

The World of Barilla Taylor: Bringing History to Life through Primary Sources,
by Liza Stearns