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from the editor

Teaching a Broader View of History, by Carroll Pursell
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A Review of the Literature,
by Carroll Pursell
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How We Get Our Daily Bread, or the History of Domestic Technology Revealed,
by Ruth Schwartz Cowan
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Teaching About Technology and African American History,
by Bruce Sindair
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Handling History: Using Material Culture to Create New Perspectives on the Role of Technology in Society,
by Edward Jay Pershey
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lesson plans

Lewis Latimer: African American Inventor, Poet and Activist,
by Michael Judd
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The Stocking Story: You Be the Historian,
by Susan Smulyan, Carolyn Goldstein, and Jane Gerhard
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The Vindex Special: Learning About Technology Through Advertising,
by Susan Smulyan, Carlita Kosty, and Sheila Brennan
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history headlines

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letter to the editor

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educational resources

History of Science and Technology: An ERIC/ChESS Sample,
by Matthew Paris
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on teaching

History on Trial: The Case of Columbus,
by John S. O’Connor and Robert M. Como
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