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Judicial History

from the editor

Exploring the Judicial Past, by Maeva Marcus and Melvin I. Urofsky
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The Supreme Court at the Bar of History: A Bibliographic Essay,
by D. Grier Stephenson, Jr.
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Judicial Federalism: A Quick Sketch,
by Jack N. Rakove
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by Antonin Scalia
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Judicial Management: The Achievements of Chief Justice William Howard Taft,
by Robert Post
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Those “Inferior” Courts: Handling the Bulk of the Federal Judiciary’s Business,
by David M. O’Brien
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lesson plans

Judicial Interpretation: An Introduction,
by Jennifer Rader
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Lessons on Judicial Interpretation: How Immigrants Takao Ozawa and Yick Wo Searched the Courts for a Place in America,
by Steven C. Teel
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The Supreme Court Speaks on Student Rights,
by Rita G. Koman
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educational resources

Courts on the World Wide Web: An Annotated Guide,
by Laura Baich and Jessica Loving
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Supreme Court History: An ERIC/ChESS Sample,
by David Kelly and Matthew Paris
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Good Teaching Matters...A Lot,
by Kati Haycock
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on teaching

Teaching the Meaning of the Second Amendment: A Brief Note on Recent Research,
by Broeck N. Oder
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A People’s Century Video Series,
by Barbara Truesdell
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history headlines

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