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Using Literature to Teach History

from the editor

Capturing Student Interest with an Interdisciplinary Approach, by Lois Rudnick
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“No Pictures in My Head”: The Uses of Literature in the Development of Historical Understanding,
by Marsha Gilpin Ehlers
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Teaching History Through Immigration Stories,
by Paul Lauter
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Lived History: A Multimedia Approach,
by Elizabeth Fay with Wayne Hatmaker
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American Colonial Life as Experienced through Daniel Defoe’s Moll Flanders,
by Nancy Traubitz
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The Slave Narrative as a Vehicle to Link History and Literature Instruction,
by Dave Winter
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The Dating Game: Willa Cather’s My Antonia,
by Dan Swainbank
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Using Stephen Crane’s Maggie to Teach the Progressive Era,
by David Gerwin and Vassilios Manolios with Lia Popodopoulos
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African-American Poetry and History: Making Connections,
by Doris M. Meadows
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American Pathfinders: Using Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles to Teach Frontier History,
by Deborah Wielgot Schmalholz
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Political History in Fiction,
by Mort Sipress
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Using Literature to Teach History: An ERIC/ChESS Sample,
by David Kelly
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Literature, History, and the World Wide Web: A Guide to Resources,
by Jessica Loving
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Getting a Clue: Incorporating Hard-boiled Detective Fiction into the Social Studies Curriculum,
by Michael Edmondson
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Lynda G. Adamson, Literature Connections to History,
by Matt Blessing
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Frances Fuller Victor, Women of the Gold Rush: “The New Penelope” and Other Stories,
by Jane Lancaster
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