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The Progressive Era

from the editor

The Changing Meanings of “The Progressive Era”, by Elisabeth I. Perry
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The Historiography of the Progressive Era: Linking Politics and People,
by Steven J. Diner
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Customer to Consumer: The New Consumption in the Progressive Era,
by Susan Strasser
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The Ambiguous Legacies of Women’s Progressivism,
by Robyn Muncy
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Blacks and the Progressive Movement: Emergence of a New Synthesis,
by Jimmie Franklin
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“To the Ragged Edge of Anarchy”: The 1984 Pullman Boycott,
by Richard Schneirov
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lesson plans

Making Biographical Judgments: Was Theodore Roosevelt a Warmonger?,
by Kathleen M. Dalton
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Recreation and Social Chaperonage in the Progressive Era,
by Nancy G. Rosoff
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The Struggles of Women Industrial Workers to Improve Work Conditions in the Progressive Era,
by Nancy J. Barrett
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D. W. Griffith’s Controversial Film, The Birth of a Nation,
by Conrad Pitcher
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educational resources

The Progressive Era: An ERIC/ChESS Sample,
by Laura A. Pinhey
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Progressive-Era Resources on the World Wide Web,
by Amanda Howenstein
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Major Electronic Resources for World History,
by Linda K. Brown
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on teaching

Using Reader Response to Improve Student Writing in History,
by Stephen Kneeshaw
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Two Actors in Search of a Story: Using Primary Documents to Raise the Dead and Improve History Instruction,
by Robert H. Mayer
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on the cover

“King Debs.” This Harper’s Weekly cover from 14 July 1894 was published at the height of the Pullman strike. It portrays Eugene V. Debs, leader of the American Railway Union, monopolizing interstate commerce.