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On the Trail of Migrants: A Global Approach to Migration History, by Christiane Harzig
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From Immigration to Migration Systems: New Concepts in Migration History,
by Dirk Hoerder
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Gli italiani nel mondo: Italy's Workers around the World,
by Donna Gabaccia
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Migration for Labor, Migration for Love: Marriage and Family Formation across Borders,
by Suzanne Sinke
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A Migrant is a Migrant is a Migrant? Immigration Policies in Post-World-War-II Europe,
by Christiane Harzig
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lesson plans

Teaching Migration in a Transatlantic Classroom: A Curriculum-Based Internet Project,
by Kerstin Otto
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Marriage and Migration, Past and Present,
by Anja Schwalen
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Italians around the World: Teaching Italian Migration from a Transnational Perspective,
by Dennis J. Townsend
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educational resources

Migrations: An ERIC/ChESS Sample,
by David Kelly
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Migration-Related Resources on the World Wide Web,
by Anne Boyer
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Good Teaching Should be Highly Valued,
by Victoria Straughn
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Let’s Teach More Than Stories,
by Ray W. Karras
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on teaching

A Modest Proposal for Course Design and Delivery,
by Rodney M. White
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history headlines

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