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The Early Republic

from the editor

The Early Republic: An Introduction, by Paul A. Gilje
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Women in the Early Republic,
by Patricia Cline Cohen
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African Americans in the Early Republic,
by Gary B. Nash
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Teaching the West in the Early American Republic: Old Chestnuts and the Fruits of New Research,
by John Lauritz Larson
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lesson plans

“What Else Could We Endure?” The American Underclass, A Chapter in the Social History of the United States as Told through the Eyes of a Woman,
by Sandranel Bahan
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Thomas Jefferson and Slaves: Teaching an American Paradox,
by Bruce Fehn
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Using Primary Sources in African-American Studies of the Early Republic,
by Ann Crocker
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Kenmore: The Home of a Virginia Gentleman,
by Rita G. Koman
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teaching with historic places

Decatur House: A Home of the Rich and Powerful,
by Robin Fogg Schuldt
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personality profile

Personality Profile: Martha Washington,
by Robert P. Watson
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educational resources

The Early Republic: An ERIC/ChESS Sample,
by Laura Pinhey
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Surfing Back to the Early Republic: A Selected List of Web Resources,
by Katie Cangany
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Evidence! Evidence! All You People Talk about is Evidence!,
by Sheldon Stern
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on teaching

History and Humor, A Natural Partnership,
by Michael Henry
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history headlines

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