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The Industrial Revolution

from the managing editor

What a Difference Fifteen Years Makes, by Michael Regoli
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from the editors

The Industrial Revolution: A Teaching Challenge, by Peter N. Stearns
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Current Debates in the Study of the Industrial Revolution,
by Steven M. Beaudoin
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“Things” That Work: The Artifacts of Industrialization,
by Briann Greenfield and Patrick Malone
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African Americans and the Industrial Revolution,
by Joe William Trotter Jr.
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The Industrial Revolution in the Twentieth Century, with a Focus on Japan and the East Asian Followers,
by Steven J. Ericson
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lesson plans

Analyzing Change and Continuity in Women’s Experience as Wage Earners, 1840–1940,
by Vagel Keller
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The Gin Builder: Examining the Skills Needed for the New Industrial Age,
by Carlita Kosty, Steven Lubar, Bill Rhar
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Children and the Industrial Revolution: Changes in Policy,
by Robert B. Bain
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special feature

National History Day 2001,
by Bea Hardy
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educational resources

The Industrial Revolution: AN ERIC/ChESS Sample,
by Laura A. Pinhey
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The Fifth Wave: Using the Internet to Teach the Industrial Revolution,
by Sarah Franzen
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classroom media

Electronic New Jersey: A Model High School-University Web Site Collaboration,
by Thomas J. Frusciano and William R. Fernekes
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Using Computer Technology to Record and Present Family History and to Enhance Historical Thinking Skills,
by Gina Hogue
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No Respect, No Respect at All: Some Thoughts on Teaching History,
by Gregory Kent Stanley, with Lawrence A. Baines
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history headlines

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