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First Ladies

from the editor

Teaching a First Ladies Curriculum in the Classroom, by Edith P. Mayo
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For Further Reading: A Bibliography of Selected First Lady Resources,
by Edith P. Mayo and Allida M. Black
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The “White Glove Pulpit”: A History of Policy Influence by First Ladies,
by Robert P. Watson
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The Modern First Lady and Public Policy: From Edith Wilson through Hillary Rodham Clinton,
by Allida M. Black
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Teaching the First Ladies Using Material Culture,
by Edith P. Mayo
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Discovering the Past in the Papers of First Ladies,
by John Ferris
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lesson plans

“ . . . to leave this splendor for our grandchildren”: Lady Bird Johnson, Environmentalist Extraordinaire,
by Rita G. Koman
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Eleanor Roosevelt and the Declaration of Human Rights: A Simulation Activity,
by Sally Gilbert and Kathy Shollenberger
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From the White House to the Classroom: Bringing American History to Life through the Study of First Ladies,
by Jody Hanley Stawicki
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educational resources

The First Ladies: An ERIC/ChESS Sample,
by Carrie Kulczak
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The Journal of American History Introduces Teaching the JAH,
excerpt by Constance Areson Clark
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classroom media

Putting Courses on the Web May Benefit Your Traditional Classroom,
by Richard Pate
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on teaching

PSAT and AP Success,
by Raymond J. Palin
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