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Public History

from the editor

The Wide, Challenging, and Wonderful World of Public History, by James A. Percoco
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“And I Thought Historians Only Taught”: Doing History Beyond the Classroom,
by David G. Vanderstel
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Public History and School History Come Together in NCHE,
by Elaine Reed
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Violence and the American Landscape: The Challenge of Public History,
by Edward T. Linenthal
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A View from the Drinking Gourd,
by Kim and Reggie Harris
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Historic Places: Common Ground for Teachers and Historians,
by Beth M. Boland
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lesson plans

The 1934 Protest on Lexington Green and Contested Historical Meanings,
by Richard Kollen
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Captain Sally Tompkins: Angel of the Confederacy,
by Ron Maggiano
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Two Tales of Southern Success: Diversity Helps Chart a Community,
by Rita G. Koman
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The Life of a Civil War Soldier,
by Barbara J. Sanders
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educational resources

The Vietnam War: History, Learning, and Leadership,
by Tricia Edwards
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Public History: An ERIC/ChESS Sample,
by Carrie Kulczak
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A Journey through Public History on the Web,
by Brent Borg
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