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World War I Homefront

from the editor

Fresh Approaches to World War I and the Beginning of the “American Century”,
by Michael S. Neiberg
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The United States in the Great War : A Historiography,
by Jennifer D. Keene
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Americans as Warriors: “Doughboys” in Battle During the First World War,
by Dan T. Carter
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The Home Front,
by Ronald Schaffer
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Decision for the Draft,
by John Whiteclay Chambers II
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The Great Migration,
by Joe W. Trotter Jr.
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lesson plans

American Women and the Great War,
by Lynn Dumenil and Kim M. Weber
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Wilson and the United States Entry into the Great War,
by Matthew J. Stark
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The Road to United States Involvement in World War I: A Simulation,
by Ted Dickson
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teaching talking history

The Postwar Home Front: Memorializing Veterans,
by Sarah E. Drake
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bringing history alive

Seven Rules for Effective History Teaching or Bringing Life to the History Class,
by Lee W. Formwalt
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internet resources

The Great War: Online Resources,
by Bruce Duncanson
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history headlines

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