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from the editor

Approaching Conservatism, by Leonard J. Moore
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The Discovery and Rediscovery of American Conservatism Broadly Conceived,
by Leo P. Ribuffo
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The Rise of Conservatism Since World War II,
by Dan T. Carter
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Women, Domesticity, and Postwar Conservatism,
by Michelle Nickerson
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Laying Up Treasures in Washington and in Heaven: The Christian Right and Evangelical Politics in the Twentieth Century and Beyond,
by Clyde Wilcox
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lesson plans

Hollywood “Takes” on Domestic Subversion: The Role of Women in Cold War America,
by Victoria Straughn
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Comparative Decades: Conservatism in the 1920s and 1980s,
by Ted Dickson
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on teaching

Talking Tombstones: History in the Cemetery,
by Albert N. Hamscher
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teaching talking history

The Postwar Home Front: Memorializing Veterans,
by Sarah E. Drake
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bringing history alive

Improving Your Game: Bringing Classroom Discussions Alive,
by Emma Jones Lapsansky
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The Japanese “Internment” Cases Revisited,
by Edward T. Robinson
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Further Thoughts on the Japanese American Cases,
by Roger Daniels
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internet resources

Teaching with the Web: Using the Internet to Teach American Conservatism
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history headlines

Freedom: A History of US: A New Project for Students of History,
by Susanna Robbins
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Let’s Meet in Memphis: Focus on Teaching Sessions at the Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting in Memphis, Tennessee,
by Gwen Moore
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