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Colonial Slavery

from the editor

Exploring Slavery’s Roots in Colonial America, by Ira Berlin
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Recent Literature on Slavery in Colonial North America,
by Donald R. Wright
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The Transatlantic Slave Trade and Colonial Chesapeake Slavery,
by Lorena S. Walsh
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Slavery in the North,
by Shane White
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Slavery in the Lower South,
by Jane Landers
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colonial slavery in the classroom

“Amazing Grace”: Literature as a Window on Colonial Slavery,
by James G. Basker
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lesson plans

Complicating Slavery: Teaching with Runaway Slave Advertisements from Northern Colonies,
by Matthew Mason and Rita G. Koman
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Virginia’s Black Codes: Uncovering the Evolution of Legal Slavery,
by Gary Hart
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The Code Noir: Construction of Slavery in French Colonial Louisiana,
by Kevin Arlyck
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teaching american history with documents from the gilder lehrman collection

Using Primary Source Documents: African Americans in the Revolutionary War,
by Steven Mintz
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teaching talking history

Using Petitions to Teach Slavery,
by Damon Freeman
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bringing history alive

The Survey, Again,
by Julie Roy Jeffrey
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internet resources

The Transatlantic Slave Trade and American Slavery,
by Ellen Bucy
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letter to the editor

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history headlines

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