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Introduction, Definitions, and Historiography: What is Atlantic History?,
by Alison Games
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Yellow Jack and Geopolitics: Environment, Epidemics, and the Struggles for Empire in the American Tropics, 1650–1825,
by J.R. McNeill
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Conquests of Chocolate,
by Marcy Norton
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German-Speaking Immigrants in the British Atlantic World, 1680–1730,
by Rosalind J. Beiler
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“Back to Africa:” The Migration of New World Blacks to Sierra Leone and Liberia,
by Nemata Amelia Blyden
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Disease in the Atlantic World, 1492–1900,
by Karen E. Carter
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Caffeine Culture Before Starbucks: Shared Interests, Outlooks, and Addictions in Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World Coffeehouses,
by Christopher L. Doyle
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How and Why They Came: Narratives of Migration,
by Marion Menzin
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New York was Always a Global City: The Impact of World Trade on Seventeenth-Century New Amersterdam,
by Dennis J. Maika
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Suppressing American Slave Traders in the 1790s,
by Paul Finkelman
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Tea, Porcelain, and Sugar in the British Atlantic World,
by P.M. Guerty and Kevin Switaj
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america on the world stage

The Declaration of Independence in World Context,
by David Armitage
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Investigating the First Thanksgiving,
by Jacqueline M. Keneipp
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