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The Wars for Vietnam,
by Robert K. Brigham
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Refighting Vietnam in the History Books: The Historiography of the War,
by Phillip E. Catton
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The Vietnam Era Antiwar Movement,
by Mitchell K. Hall
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The Cold War and Vietnam,
by George C. Herring
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Now Playing: Vietnam,
by Marilyn B. Young
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lesson plans

LBJ Goes to War,
by Richard Reitano
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Teaching the Vietnam War from the Vietnamese Perspective,
by Jessica Chapman
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The Battle of the Ia Drang Valley: A Comparative Analysis of Generals, the Media, and the Soldiers,
by John J. Fitzgerald
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The Tet Offensive: The Turning Point of the War,
by Jennifer Walton
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documents from the gilder lehrman collection

“In a Choice of Evils . . . Jefferson is in Every View Less Dangerous than Burr”: Alexander Hamilton to Harrison Gray Otis on the Deadlocked Presidential Election of 1800,
by Herbert Sloan
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teaching talking history

American Bombing Strategy and Teaching the Vietnam War,
by Chad Parker
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internet resources

Policy in the Making: A Look Inside the White House at War,
by Marc J. Selverstone
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Vietnam in First Person: The Virtual Vietnam Archive,
by Susanna Robbins
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america on the world stage

Race and Citizenship,
by Patrick Wolfe
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