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New Directions in Women’s and Gender History

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Deepening our Appreciation of Gender History, by Kevin B. Byrne

Selecting a cover image for an issue of the OAH Magazine of History demands judgment. The cover ought to convey the theme of the issue and, if possible, its time period. Not all themes connect to a specific era, however, and the current issue provides a case in point. While its title is “Recent Directions in Gender and Women’s History,” recognizing important connections between these two fields, the principal emphasis is on Gender History. Guest editors Nancy Cott and Drew Gilpin Faust define the study in their Foreword as an exploration of “the constantly present but always changing patterns of differentiation between womanhood and manhood, masculinity and femininity.” One of the messages central to the collection of articles and lesson plans they have assembled is that Gender History--as a prism through which we examine the past--has impacted interpretations of U.S. history across the chronological spectrum of the discipline and all its subfields. Whether the area under consideration is the world of politics or foreign relations or social activism, whether the time frame focuses on the American Revolution or the Roaring Twenties, whether the subject of investigation is young women working in the mills of industrializing New England or the life of Harriet Tubman or Teddy Roosevelt, the prism of Gender History can deepen our appreciation of that aspect of the past under consideration. What one image can capture that reality in its entirety? Read more >


Recent Directions in Gender and Women's History,
by Nancy F. Cott and Drew Gilpin Faust
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Through Women’s Eyes: The Challenges of Integrating Women’s History and U.S. History in the Writing of a College Textbook,
by Ellen DuBois
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The Historiography of Gendered Political Cultures,
by Melanie Gustafson
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What’s Gender Got to Do with It? Women and Foreign Relations History,
by Kristin Hoganson
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Keeping a Record of Life: Women and Art During World War II,
by Kimberley L. Phillips
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web resources

Feminism and Mainstream Narratives in American History, 1780–2000,
by Kathryn Kish Slar and Thomas Dublin
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A Selection of Web Resources for Gender History

Read, Write and Think Gender History: Making Over the Comic Landscape,
by Kathryn Jo Bullerdick
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lesson plans

Gender Transformations: The Gilded Age and the Roaring Twenties,
by Mary Rech Rockwell
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“Mill Girls” and Labor Movements: Integrating Women’s History into Early Industrialization Studies,
by Sheila Kirschbaum
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Harriet Tubman: Spy, Veteran, and Widow,
by Kahlil Chism
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Theodore Roosevelt and American Masculinity,
by Bruce Fehn
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teaching with documents from the gilder lehrman collection

“Irrespective of Race, Color or Sex:” Susan B. Anthony and the New York State Constitutional Convention of 1867,
by Libby Garland
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america on the world stage

Cold War and Global Hegemony, 1945–1991,
by Melvyn P. Leffler
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