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Market Revolution

from the editor

Perspectives on the Market Revolution, by Kevin B. Byrne

As one group of scholars has noted, the market revolution in the first half of the nineteenth century marked “the most fundamental change American communities ever experienced . . . .” The articles in this month’s Magazine lend support to that bold claim and demonstrate that the study of this phenomenon goes well beyond the history of finance or economics. Like most subjects of historical inquiry, the market revolution was anything but monolithic. Its impact on U.S. society was deep and pervasive, and fully to appreciate its consequences requires an examination of multiple perspectives. The articles and lesson plans in this issue successfully employ that exact approach. Read more >


The Market Revolution in Early America: An Introduction,
by John Lauritz Larson
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Liberty Is Land and Slaves: The Great Contradiction,
by Seth Rockman
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Liberty Is Innovation: Sources of Energy and Enterprise,
by Donna J. Rilling
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Liberty is Pioneering: An American Birthright,
by Craig Thompson Friend
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Liberty is Exploitation: The Force of Tradition in Early Manufacturing,
by Barbara M. Tucker
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lesson plans

Lessons on Market Revolution,
by Jim Buss, John Lauritz Larson, and John R. Van Atta
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The “Monster Bank” Game--or Buss’s B.U.S.,
by Jim Buss
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teaching with documents from the gilder lehrman collection

“ . . . the patent in contemplation will be the most lucrative that ever was obtained”: Robert Fulton to [Robert R. Livingston] on the Profit Potential of Steamboat Navigation in the Early Nineteenth Century,
by Richard Sylla
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on teaching

Using North & South Magazine in the Classroom,
by Kevin M. Levin
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america on the world stage

Crossing National Borders: Locating the United States in Migration History,
by Suzanne M. Sinke
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