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Teaching History with Music

from the editor

Listening for History, by Kevin B. Byrne

The need to bring history alive in our classrooms can be at once a daunting challenge and a source of immense energy. In order to accomplish that goal, should we not use every reasonable teaching tool available to us? Following the lead of guest editor and author Mariana Whitmer, the writers of the thematic articles and teaching resources included in this issue respond with a resounding “Yes!” It is their contention, however, that teachers of history have often failed to use one of the most powerful tools at their disposal–the music played and the songs sung by Americans in the past. Read more >


Using Music to Teach American History,
by Mariana Whitmer
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special music cd

Notes on the Accompanying Music CD
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Music as a Cultural Mirror,
by Deane L. Root
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Songs with Social Significance: An Introduction,
by Mariana Whitmer
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Dvořák and the Teaching of American History,
by Joseph Horowitz
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teaching resources

Voices Across Time,
by Kathryn Miller Haines
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Freedom Songs and the Modern Civil Rights Movement,
by David C. Hsiung
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Whose America?: Contesting the Meaning of America in the 1930s,
by Peter J.P. DiNardo
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Copland, Culture, and Catastrophe: Teaching the Depression through Classical Music,
by Robert Stinson
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teaching with documents from the gilder lehrman collection

“We were to give up our guns, who belonged to the band”: Diary of William Woodlin, 8th U.S. Colored Troops, Company G (GLC 6599),
by James M. McPherson
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on teaching

Integrating Live Music in the Classroom: Reflections of a Troubadour on Teaching History,
by Bill Schustik
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america on the world stage

Origins of American Slavery,
by Philip D. Morgan
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