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American West

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Western History Revisited, by Kevin B. Byrne

To be sure, the West continues to exercise a hold on the imagination in American culture. There are admittedly fewer “westerns” appearing in cinema these days than there were a few decades ago, yet they remain a staple on cable television channels. One station this summer even aired a twelve-hour series entitled Into the West, an effort spearheaded by the renowned director Stephen Spielberg and now being marketed in DVD format. Although it claimed to present a multi-cultural perspective by exploring “the clash of . . . cultures” through the experiences of two fictional families–one white and one Native American–over several generations, the epic’s Web site invited viewers to “Journey to the heart of the American Dream.” Traditional views of the West persist, even as scholarly investigations open new windows of interpretation, emphasizing inclusiveness and complexity. Read more >


A Bigger West,
by Clyde A. Milner II and Anne M. Butler
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The Disadvantages of Hindsight: A Re-Reading of the Early American West,
by Anne F. Hyde
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Look How Far We’ve Come: How American Indian History Changed the Study of American History in the 1990s,
by Ned Blackhawk
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Teaching Mexican American History,
by Roberto Treviño
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What’s West, What’s Next,
by Stephen Aron
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personal profile

Letter from an Eastern Cowgirl,
by Paula Petrik
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teaching resources

Experiencing the Corps of Discovery: Mapping and Communication With Lewis and Clark,
by Dan McCrimmon
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African American Homesteading on the Central Plains,
by Decoursey Clayton Lucas
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A Collage of Western Women,
by Amy B. Barsanti
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The Struggle for Fishing Resources in the Pacific Northwest in the Late Twentieth Century,
by Richard E. Neunherz
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teaching with documents from the gilder lehrman collection

“To Colonize 500 Families . . . Catholics, and of Good Morals”: Stephen Austin and the Anglo-American Immigration to Texas, June 4, 1825,
by Sam W. Haynes
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on teaching

Making National History Day Their Own: The Rewards of and Barriers to Bringing Project-Based Learning to Urban Students,
by Teresa Kim and Russell Olwell
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america on the world stage

Lawn and Landscape in World Context, 1945—2000,
by Ted Steinberg
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National Park Service Historic Sites: The American West
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