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Social Movements in the 1960s

from the editor

Looking Back, Looking Forward, by Phillip M. Guerty

I recently discovered that the very first OAH Magazine of History, which appeared in April 1985, was also about the 1960s. Like the current issue, it had a range of articles to help secondary educators explore the Sixties including articles on the civil rights movement, the war in Vietnam, and women’s liberation. It also had teaching resource columns that suggested using film and music in the classroom and lesson plans focused on the NOW Bill of Rights for 1969 and President Eisenhower’s press conference in April 1954 on events in Southeast Asia. Revisiting this theme allows for a quick look at not only the changes in scholarship about the Sixties since the mid-1980s, but also how OAH has changed to better meet the needs of history educators. Read more >


Fierce Memories, Fresh Histories,
by Michael Kazin
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The Histories, They are A-Changin’: Souces for Teaching about the Movements of the 1960s,
by Beth Bailey and David Farber
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A World to Win: The International Dimension of the Black Freedom Movement,
by Kevin Gaines
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Gender is Powerful: The Long Reach of Feminism,
by Nancy MacLean
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Thunder on the Right: The Roots of Conservative Victory in the 1960s,
by Rick Perlstein
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teaching resources

“My Own Beliefs are in My Song”: Engaging Black Politics in the Sixties through Popular Music,
by Chris Stone
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Turbulent Times: 1960—1975,
by Stephanie Rossi
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Young Americans and the Draft,
by Donald W. Maxwell
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The Challenges of Overcoming Pop Culture Images of the Sixties,
by Stephen S. Mucher and Carrie E. Chobanian
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DVD Review: Negroes with Guns: Rob Williams and Black Power,
by Hasan Kwame Jeffries
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teaching american history with documents from the gilder lehrman collection

"I AM A MAN": A Civil-Rights Era Declaration with Roots in the 1700s,
by Cecelia M. Hartsell
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america on the world stage

Worlds of Reform,
by Daniel T. Rodgers
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