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Lincoln and the Constitution

from the editor

Teaching Lincoln and the Constitution, by Phillip M. Guerty

This issue of the OAH Magazine of History, cosponsored by the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission (ALBC), is the first of three special issues over the next three years dedicated to Abraham Lincoln. The current issue, under the editorship of Rhode Island Supreme Court Chief Justice Frank Williams, examines Lincoln and the Constitution. In January 2008, Darrel Bigham will serve as guest editor for an issue on Lincoln and race. The following January, Harold Holzer will bring together a group of Lincoln scholars to look at the Lincoln legacy. I want to thank the commission for its help in putting together what will undoubtedly be an exciting series of Lincoln issues. Read more >


Lincoln and the Constitution,
by Frank J. Williams
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“Dictator Lincoln”: Surveying Lincoln and the Constitution,
by Phillip Shaw Paludan
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“Much Older than the Constitution”: Lincoln's Theory of Nationhood,
by Daniel A. Farber
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Lincoln and the Constitutional Dilemma of Emancipation,
by Edna Greene Medford
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“A Popular Demand and a Public Necessity”: Lincoln and Civil Liberties,
by Frank J. Williams
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teaching resources

Lincoln’s Refutation of Secession,
by Veronica Burchard
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Lincoln, Emancipation, and the Constitution,
by Jennifer L. Rosenfeld
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museum spotlight

Teaching Lincoln at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum,
by Erin I. Bishop
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Teaching Lincoln at The Lincoln Museum in Ft. Wayne, Indiana,
by Sara Gabbard
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teaching american history with documents from the gilder lehrman collection

Lincoln and Emancipation: Black Enfranchisement in 1863 Louisiana,
by Richard Carwardine
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Lincoln and the Thirteenth Amendment,
by George P. Fletcher
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america on the world stage

The Civil Rights Movement in World Perspective,
by Kevin Gaines
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on the cover

James Montgomery Flagg, title unknown, Undated. Oil painting, 47 3/4 x 26 1/4 inches. The artist and illustrator is best known for his World War I and II Uncle Sam recruiting posters. Depicting the president’s intensity of emotion and brooding personality, the painting has been described as Lincoln waiting for news from the battlefront. From the Frank and Virginia Williams Collection of Lincolniana. Photo by Virginia Williams.