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History and Historians Since 1907

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A Century of Change, by Phillip M. Guerty

This issue of the Magazine of History is unique in a couple of ways. It celebrates the one-hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Organization of American Historians and, in so doing, also allows us a chance to look back at the changes in historical research, writing, and instruction since 1907. Looking over some of the older records of the organization and the past issues of the Mississippi Valley Historical Review—the predecessor to the Journal of American History—I am impressed by how much the OAH has changed over the last century and how much it has grown. Read more >


Chapters in the History of American History, 1907—2007,
by James M. Banner, Jr.
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More than Great White Men: A Century of Scholarship on American Social History,
by Gary J. Kornblith and Carol Lasser
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American Intellectual History, 1907—2007,
by David A. Hollinger
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America and the World: From National to Global,
by Emily S. Rosenberg
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American Political Histories,
by Sean Wilentz
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History’s Struggle to Survive in the Schools,
by Diane Ravitch
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Going National: American History Instruction in Colleges and Universities,
by Julie A. Reuben
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teaching strategy

Teaching Historiography to High School and Undergraduate Students,
by Caroline Hoefferle
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special bonus: online teaching strategies

The Declaration of Independence: The Importance of Contextualization,
by Karen Cobb Carroll

Using Runaway Slave Advertisements to Teach Historical Thinking,
by Robert Cassanello

Three Kinds of History: Using Obituaries, Primers, Mencken, and Oz to Teach History Methods,
by Steve Engle

teaching american history with documents from the gilder lehrman collection

“Taking Stock of Our Resources”: A Request from Theodore Roosevelt, 1908,
by Steven Mintz
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