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Reinterpreting the 1920s

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Revisiting the 1920s, by Phillip M. Guerty

In October 1855, William Dungey of Clinton, Illinois, hired Abraham Lincoln to bring a slander suit against his brother-in-law, Joseph Spencer. Dungey brought the action after a family quarrel escalated and Spencer began publically claiming that Dungey was “a negro.” What made the matter so serious for Dungey was that, since 1819, Illinois restricted the immigration of free blacks into the state. These restrictions remained in effect into the mid-nineteenth century. The 1848 Illinois Constitution, for instance, required the state assembly to “pass such laws as will effectively prohibit free persons of color from immigrating to and settling” in the state. To Dungey, who claimed to be of Portuguese descent, being considered legally black would have meant the loss of his property, his marriage, and his right to stay in Illinois. Read more >


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