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North American Migrations

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Teaching North American Migrations, by Carl R. Weinberg

Look at the photos on the cover of this issue. What do their subjects have in common? You might notice that they are all wearing hats; and that they are all standing or sitting outside. You might guess, correctly, that they have all been working with their hands. If you have read “On the Cover” on page 1, you know a bit more. The photos were shot between 1937 and 1940. Famed Farm Security Administration (FSA) photographer and documentarian Dorothea Lange took two of them (the Japanese farm workers in California, and the African American farmer in Mississippi). FSA photographer Jack Delano took one (the French-Canadian farm laborer) and FSA colleague Russell Lee took the other (the Mexican farm worker with carrots). Read more >


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North American Migrations,
by Jaime Águila and Dirk Hoerder
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North American Migrations: An Integrative View,
by Dirk Hoerder
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The African American Great Migration Reconsidered,
by Sarah-Jane (Saje) Mathieu
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Mexican Immigration to the United States,
by Kelly Lytle Hernandez
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Emigration from Canada to the United States in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries,
by Bruno Ramirez
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Asian Migrants, Exclusionary Laws, and Transborder Migration in North America, 1880—1940,
by Yukari Takai
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teaching resources

Migrant Memories: Creating an Oral History,
by Joan Miller
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Securing the Borders: Debating Immigration Policy in U.S. History,
by Marcie Hutchinson
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special online feature

Teaching North American Migrations with Multimedia Technology and the Internet: A Best Practices Guide,
by Jaime Águila

Those Who Cross the Borders: Migrant Voices [pdf],
by Marcie Hutchinson

web resources

Mexican American History Online,
by Scott Walker and Brian Gratton
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on the cover

Top Left: Russell Lee, Farm Worker With Carrots (1939). A Mexican farm worker shows a bunch of carrots picked during a harvest in Edinburg, Texas. (Courtesy of Corbis, © Russell Lee/ Corbis). Top Right: Dorothea Lange, Member of the Delta cooperative farm at Hillhouse, Mississippi (June 1937). (Courtesy of Library of Congress). Bottom Right: Dorothea Lange, Japanese Farm Workers (March 1937). A Japanese mother and daughter who are agricultural workers near Guadeloupe, California. (Courtesy of Corbis, © Dorothea Lange/ Corbis). Bottom Left: Jack Delano, French-Canadian farm laborer employed at the Woodman Potato Company. Eleven miles north of Caribou, Maine (October 1940). (Courtesy of Library of Congress) The OAH thanks the Merck Company Foundation for its generous support for this issue of the OAH Magazine of History.