Through the Eye of Katrina  •  special issue, december 2007


An Introduction to New Orleans’s Neighborhoods

New Orleans is comprised of many distinct neighborhoods—each with its own identity. Today, most of the neighborhoods still reflect their traditional local boundaries, some of which have been used for generations. More>

Building the Levee System: A Timeline

Early attempts to control the Mississippi River consisted mainly of fortifying the river’s natural levees. In the early 1700s, the French built the first man-made levee system near New Orleans. The levee measured only three feet in most locations and failed to contain the river during periods of heavy flooding. More>

Overview of New Orleans Jazz

New Orleans was the birthplace of jazz. As jazz became a worldwide sensation, the city developed and maintained its own distinctive style of jazz. More>

Hurricanes along the Gulf Coast

Hurricane Katrina, the most expensive storm in U.S. history, is only the most recent hurricane to affect the U.S. Gulf Coast. Since the turn of the twentieth century, several notable storms have hit the region, bringing death and destruction to countless coastal communities. More>

Links to additional resources

A list of selected outside resources regarding New Orleans’s history pre- and post-Katrina. More>