Abraham Lincoln at 200  •  special issue, september 2009

Lincoln in the JAH: A Bibliography

The bibliographies presented here include all the articles from the September 2009 Journal of American History Lincoln special issue and all reviews and articles that appeared in the Journal of American History and Mississippi Valley Historical Review from June 1914 through June 2009 and that include the word “Lincoln” in the title.

The full text of the articles and a sampling of the reviews are available to all users for viewing. If you subscribe to the oah or you are affiliated with a subscribing institution, the full text of the other reviews may be accessed online by clicking the title.

Articles and Essays

This list includes articles, a review essay, and notes and documents essays.
Download the complete articles and essays bibliography here.


This list includes reviews of books, Web sites, movies, and exhibitions.
Download the complete review bibliography here.


The bibliographies were created by using “Lincoln” in a keyword title search of the History Cooperative and JSTOR. The entries do not include general Civil War–era review books or articles. If the name “Lincoln” does not appear in the title, even if the book or article concerns Lincoln, it was not included. The bibliographies are open access and each entry includes basic citation information and a url. However, you must either be a member of the oah or have access to the History Cooperative to gain access to the full text of all of the reviews. We encourage readers to access the text of the articles and reviews by joining the oah (https://www.oah.org/members/mbrinfo.html). Please direct queries, corrections, or comments about the lists and samples to jah@indiana.edu.