Meta Warrick's 1907 'Negro Tableaux' and (Re)Presenting African American Historial Memory, by W. Fitzhugh Brundage

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History of International Exhibitions, 1851-1951: A New Web Resource by Alexander C. T. Geppert and Tammy Lau, an encyclopedic bibliography of materials on International Expositions is available at:

Access to the photographs of Frances Benjamin Johnston is available through the Library of Congress. Her photographs of Hampton Institute, and its African American and Native American students, offer a fascinating glimpse of how a white woman photographer depicted race and "racial progress" in art.

An electronic edition of Women of Achievement: Written for the Fireside Schools under the Auspices of the Woman's American Baptist Home Mission Society includes a brief and illustrated biographical sketch of Meta Warrick (Fuller). Written by the black historian Benjamin G. Brawley, the sketch of Fuller exemplifies the ideology of gentility, respectability, and racial uplift.

For a sampling of art by leading African American artists, including one image of Meta Warrick Fuller's most famous sculpture, The Awakening of Ethiopia, visit

Four images of Meta Warrick's later sculpture, including her sculpture protesting a Georgia lynching in 1918, are available at (Site is no longer available.)

A wealth of material relating to the Jamestown Exposition, including various electronic versions of documents relating to the Negro Building and Exhibits, available at