Flaunting the Freak Flag, by Gael Graham

Primary Sources

You may also download all the exercises along with their supporting documents and images as a single PDF file.

Photograph of Chesley Karr, 1971

Exercise 1

A. "What Do People Think About Their High Schools," Life, May 10, 1969
B. Demands of the New York High School Student Union, New York High School Free Press, 1970
C. Demands of black students at Cubberly High School in Palo Alto, California
D. "Student Rights and Responsibilities--A Central Board Policy Statement," Detroit Board of Education, July 1971

Exercise 2

A. Dress code of Perryville, Arkansas, School District, 1971-1972
B. "Take Off Your Clothes," editorial from high school underground newspaper in Fargo, North Dakota
C. "The Dress Code at an Average High School," cartoon from the High School Independent Press Service, New York City
D. "If the School Board Gets More Money," cartoon from the New Improved Tide (underground newspaper at John Marshall High School )
E. Middle and high school dress code policy, Knox County, Tennessee, 2004
F. Dress code for school employees, East Hartford, Connecticut, 1972

Exercise 3

A. Quarterman v. Byrd, 453 F.2d 54 (1971)
B. Melton v. Young, 465 F.2d 1332 (1972)
C. Goss v. Lopez, 419 U.S. 565 (1975)
D. Bethel School District v. Fraser, 478 U.S. 675 (1986)

Exercise 4

A. Letter of Michael Smith to editor, El Paso Herald-Post, Feb. 1, 1971.
B. Letter of Clark J. Matthews to editor, El Paso Times, Feb. 8, 1971.
C. Letter of Mrs. Harry E. Jordan to editor, El Paso Herald-Post, Feb. 5, 1971.
D. Letter of Edna S. Kelly to editor, El Paso Herald-Post, Feb. 10, 1971.
E. Letter from "I Like It Short" to Ann Landers, San Francisco Examiner, June 23, 1971.
F. "Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Long Hair Case," El Paso Times, Feb. 12, 1971.