The Great Hair Debate in American High Schools, 1965-1975

Exercise 1: The Rights Revolution in American High Schools

Document B, Demands of the New York High School Student Union

1--No suspensions, involuntary transfers, exclusion from classes, detention, harassment of students. Due process for students. 2--No cops in schools, no narcos, security guards, plain clothesmen, informers. 3--No program cards, hall checks, ID's, passes. 4--An end to commercial and general diplomas, one diploma for every student upon graduation. 5--Open admissions to colleges, a college education free for everyone who wants one. 6--Jobs and housing for every student who wants them on graduating, dropping out, or leaving home. The army is not a decent job. 7--No military recruiting in schools, no military assemblies, literature, no sending names to draft boards or recruiters. An immediate end to the draft. 8--Black and Latin departments controlled by Black and Latin students. 9--Community control of the schools and every other community facility. Students are part of the community. 10--POWER! Student control of curriculum, publications, assemblies, clubs, student government, dress, etc. The right to organize politically. 11--We support the fifteen points of the Black and Puerto Rican Citywide HS Council.

New York High School Free Press (an underground newspaper), No. 8, reprinted in John Birmingham, Our Time Is Now: Notes from the High School Underground (New York: Praeger, 1970), 178.