From Royal to Republican, by Caroline Winterer

Primary Sources

Exercise 1

A. U.S. Penny, 2004

Exercise 2

A. Roman triumphal procession, from Basil Kennett, Romae Antiquae Notitia: or, the Antiquities of Rome, 1721
B. Arch framing book title, from Thomas Hobbes, History of the Grecian War, 1676
C. Washington riding through arch, from America Guided by Wisdom, 1820
D. Gateway Arch, St. Louis, n.d.

Exercise 3

A. Samuel Jennings, Liberty Displaying the Arts and Sciences, 1792
B. Edward Savage, Liberty, 1796
C. Statue of Liberty, c. 1894

Exercise 4

A. Richard Earlom, The Continence of Scipio, 1766
B. The Continence of Scipio, New-York Magazine, 1793
C. Alfred Jacob Miller, The Trapper's Bride, c.1850s

Other images from the article