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2001 Syllabi
Teaching the American History Survey

Gary J. Kornblith & Carol Lasser
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US History to 1865/1877

Douglas Egerton
Le Moyne College

Karl Jacoby
Brown University

Gary Kornblith
Oberlin College

Lewis Perry
St. Louis University

Joshua Piker
University of Oklahoma

Doug Sackman
University of Puget Sound

William Scott
Kenyon College

Virginia Scharff
University of New Mexico

Maris A. Vinovskis
University of Michigan

US History since 1865/1877

Douglas Egerton
Le Moyne College

Doug Sackman
Oberlin College

Virginia Scharff
University of New Mexico

William Scott
Kenyon College

United States History to 1865

Douglas Egerton

LE MOYNE COLLEGE Department of History
United States History to 1865
Prof. Douglas Egerton
HST 211 (Fall 2000)
Office: RH 403, 445-4471
Office hours: MW 11:30 to 12:20 and by appointment

Required readings:

John Murrin, et al., Liberty, Equality, Power, 2nd ed.

Jill Lepore, The Name of War

Graham Hodges, Root and Branch: African Americans in New York

Paul Johnson, A Shopkeeper's Millennium

Catherine Clinton, ed., Divided Houses: Gender and the Civil War

Students will read all four monographs, which will be discussed in class on the dates indicated below. Students are also expected to keep up in the Murrin text for the purposes of day-to-day class participation. Because of this, students with ten or more unexcused absences will receive an automatic F grade for the course. Discussion is ten percent of the course grade. There will be brief quizzes on two of the above works, which will comprise another ten percent of the class grade.

Required paper:

A ten page interpretive essay on any topic, person, or event pertinent to the course. A bibliography and footnotes drawn from at least ten sources must be included. The format presented in Prof. John Langdon's A Handbook for Historians, which is available in the bookstore, must be used. The due date is Monday, November 27; late papers will be penalized one full grade for each day they are late. The paper is worth twenty percent of your grade and will be returned on the day of the final with comments and a grade. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the instructor both on a topic and on progress.

There will be one midterm and a noncumulative final. Final grades will be computed as follows.

Midterm exam 25% Final exam 35% Paper 20% Participation 10% Book Quizzes 10%

100-90 = A 87-89 = B+ 80-86 = B 77-79 = C+ 70-76 = C 60-69 = D

Schedule of lectures and assignments:


28    Introduction to course and historical method


30    North America in 1491 (Murrin, chapter 1)


1    Europe on the eve of colonization (Murrin, chapter 2)

4    (No class--Labor Day)

6    (No class--Mass of the Holy Spirit)

8    Founding of the Chesapeake Colonies

11    New England colonization

13    Puritans and Native Americans (Murrin, chapter 3)

15    Discussion, Lepore, The Name of War

18    Witchcraft and Revolution

20    Bacon's Rebellion

22    Rise of slavery and Stono Rebellion

25    Other new groups: Scots-Irish, Germans, and Jews


27    Colonial wars and social change (Murrin, chapter 4)

29    Great Awakening and French and Indian War


2    Dissent: 1763-1776 (Murrin, chapter 5)

4    American Revolution: military and diplomatic (Murrin, 6)

6    (No class)

9    (No class--Lost Mariner Day)

11    The other Revolution: blacks and Native Americans (Murrin, chapter 7)

13    Discussion, Hodges, Root and Branch, chapters 1-6


16    Confederation

18    Constitution

20    Midterm!

23    Federalist Era (Murrin, chapter 8)

25    Diplomacy and the Quasi war with France

27    Jeffersonians in power

30    Republican foreign policy


1    The War of 1812

3    Industrial and social change (Murrin, chapter 9)

6    Rise of the cotton South (Murrin, chapter 10)


8    Era of Good and Bad Feelings, 1816-1828 (Murrin, 12)

10    Age of Jackson, 1828-1840

13    Native American removal

15    Reform and abolition (Murrin, chapter 11)

17    Discussion, Johnson, A Shopkeeper's Millennium; Hodges, Root and Branch, chapters 7-8

20    Women and politics 27 Tyler and Texas, 1841-1846 (Murrin, chapter 13); term papers due


29    Mexican War, Proviso, Compromise of 1850


1    (No class)

4    Kansas, John Brown, and Disunion (Murrin, chapter 14)

6    Civil War, 1861-1862 (Murrin, chapter 18)

8    Discussion, Clinton, ed., Divided Houses

11    Civil War, 1863-1865 (Murrin, chapter 16)