Building the Digital Lincoln  •  digital history project, september 2009

This 1867 bird's-eye map of Springfield has been enhanced with Zoomify, a free program available on the Web that allows viewers to magnify images such as historic maps. Viewers can use this zoomable map to view the Old State Capitol (#1 on the map key) and also the Lincoln residence on Eighth and Jackson streets (#29 on the map key). Zooming across this map allows a viewer to approximate something like the stroll Lincoln experienced when he walked from his home to the town square, where his law office was situated just across from the capitol building.

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Map Key

  1. New Capitol
  1. Capitol
  2. Governors Residence
  3. State Arsenal
  4. Supreme Court & Post Office
  5. Court House
  6. High School
  7. Ward Schools
  8. Home of the Friendless
  9. Market House
  10. Illinois University
  11. Oak Ridge Cemetery
  12. Water Works
  13. Chicago & St. Louis R.R. Depot
  14. Toledo Wabash & Western R.R. Depot
  1. First Baptist Church
  2. Second Baptist Church
  3. Church of the Imaculate [Immaculate] Conception (Catholic)
  4. St. Peter & St. Paul Church
  5. Episcopal Church
  6. Lutheran Church
  7. German Lutheran Church
  8. First Methodist Church
  9. Second Methodist Church
  10. German Methodist Church
  11. First Presbyterian Church
  12. Second Presbyterian Church
  13. Third Presbyterian Church
  14. Universalist Church
  1. Lincoln’s Residence
  2. Lincoln’s Tomb
  3. Leland Hotel
  4. Chenery Hotel
  5. St. Nicolas Hotel
  6. Revere Hotel