Houses Divided: Lincoln, Douglas, and the Political Landscape of 1858

Links to Related Web Sites

The Abraham Lincoln Association: Electronic text of The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. The texts of the seven debates and of Lincoln’s other campaign speeches are contained in volume three.

The Lincoln/Douglas Debates of 1858: Northern Illinois University Web site with political maps of Illinois and the sites where Lincoln and Douglas appeared during the campaigns, plus electronic texts of Illinois newspaper coverage of the campaigns and lesson plans.

The Lincoln Log: A Daily Chronology of the Life of Abraham Lincoln: Maintained by the Papers of Abraham Lincoln, this site tracks Lincoln’s daily activities,

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates: The Lincoln-Douglas Society offers documents and student resources on the debates.

Stephen A. Douglas Association: Offers electronic texts of notable Douglas speeches outside the debates.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate Resources: Describes the format for modern Lincoln-Douglas–style forensic debates at the high school and college level and offers a free handbook.

The Library of Congress: Offers access to electronic images of Lincoln’s own scrapbook of the debate texts,
and to Lincoln’s correspondence throughout the debates.

Debate Locations